Biometric Controller

Attitude determines success or failure

Dynamic Face Recognition with Temperature Detection Access Controller

Model No.: CR-3681W


1. Metal body, waterproof&smog-proof, it can be used in outdoor and strong light environment

2. The infrared array body temperature sensor

3. Temperature records, mask identification, No entry with high temperature

4. Large capacity: 20,000 faces+20,000 cards/200,000 records

5. 5.5-inch IPS full-view and HD display screen

6. High-definition display screen, the effect of display much more clearer

7. Screen dormancy, screen protection, high speed recognition wake-up function

8. Accuracy rate: 99.9% and 0.5s high speed identification(0.5-3 meters identification distance.The recognition speed within 3meters is as low as 0.5s)

9. 2 Mega pixel HD infrared binocular liveness detection camera

10. Wide Dynamic camera, no distortion, double synchronization, global exposure

11. 360-degree biometrics liveness recognition,identification speed0.5s

12. U disk to export data

13. With access control function

14. Safety helmet identification

15. Voice prompt

16. Online update

17. Multiple people simultaneous recognition: can identify 4 people at the same time

18. Wide dynamic strong light suppression

Product Parameters:

Body material: Zinc alloy body

Working voltage: DC12V/2A(DC9V-14V)

Working temperature: -10℃ to 70℃

Temperature accuracy: 0.1℃

Temperature detection error: 0.3~0.5℃

Over temperature alarm: according to the actual condition to set

Temperature detection range: -10 ℃ to +65℃

Working humidity: 10%-90% RH

Display screen:5.5 inch IPS full view HD screen

CPU: 4CoreA7 1.2GHZ

Storage capacity: 1GB DDR3+8GB EMMC


Communication protocol: TCP/IP (WIFI communication can be customized)

Wiegand function: one group of Wiegand Input/Wiegand Output(26/34

Operation system: LINUX

Comparison: 1:N/1:1

User capacity: 20,000 faces+20,000 cards

Records: 200,000

Dimension: 232*88*25mm

Weight: 0.8kg


Hospitals,pedestrian passage,government,intelligent community passage system, office building, scenic area,club,school