Biometric Controller

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Face and Fingerprint Access Controller

Face and Fingerprint Access Controller

Model No.: CR-3623CD


LCD Display: 2.8 TFT Screen

User: 3,000

Face template capacity: 1,000

Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000

Log Capacity: 200,000

Password Capacity: 3,000

WiFi Function (Option): Available

Support card: RFID(125Khz), Mifare(13.56Mhz)

Card Capacity (Optional): 3,000

Authentication Modes:Fingerprint/Face/Card, Fingerprint+Face/Face+Password/Card+Password

Verification Time:  0.5 Second [1:N] 

FRR (False Rejection Rate):  0.0001%

FAR (False Acceptance Rate):  0.0001%

CPU: 320MHz

Ambient Light: 0-50000 lux

Image Sensor: Special stereo dual sensor, detection range up to 80cm

Interface: WIFI(optional),TCP/IP, USB Host, USB Slave, 2×Relay, Wiegand in & out

Access Control: WG26 input/output, NO/NC relay, exit button, doorbell, door sensor, one-way alarm output

Standard Access Control Function:255 Time Zone, Anti-passback

Alarm function: tamper alarm, Illegal door opening alarm, door not close alarm

Voice Instruction: 16-bit Hi-Fi Voice & Sound Indication

Power Source: DC 12V/2A

Operating Temperature: 0℃ to 40℃

Operating Humidity: 20% to 80%RH

Dimensions: 210*88.4*53.75mm

Weight: 0.33kg