RFID Reader

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Waterproof Stainless Steel Reader

Model No.: CR-3064D   


◆ Based on reading card technology from metal full closed housing.

◆ It can work under the water 10 meters deep(IP67).

◆ Anti-static up to 15KV.

◆ It can work in salt-spray environment, won't rust for 10 years.

Note: for EM reader, Wiegand 26 bit is factory default, other formats can be customized. 


◆Transmit frequency: EM/HID(125KHz), IC/CPU(13.56MHz)

◆Read range: EM/HID up to 45mm(1.8''), IC/CPU up to 35mm(1.4'')

◆Wiegand output: Wiegand 26~37

◆Power supply: DC6-16V, linear power supply recommended

◆Operating temperature: -35℃~60℃(-31°F~140°F)

◆Operating humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing

◆ESD: 15KV

◆Quiescent current: 30mA

◆IP rating: IP67

◆Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC

◆Cable distance: Wiegand 150m(500ft)(24AWG)

◆Dimension: L95*W50*H20(mm)

Weight: 380g