Fingerprint Access Controller &Reader

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Fingerprint Access Controller &Reader

Model No.: CR-3610

Fingerprint Access Controller&Reader


Features & Parameters:

Work Type: offline,online

Communication Mode: RS485U diskTCP/IP

Operating Environment Humidity: 20%~60%

Operating Environment Temperature: 0℃~45℃

Screen: 2.4-inch color screen

Identification speed: 1.0S

FRR (False Rejection Ratio): < 0.01%

FAR (False Acceptance Ratio): < 0.0001%

Authentication Methods: Fingerprint, Card(IC&ID), Password

Fingerprint Capacity: 3000

Attendance Record Capacity: 100000

Display language: Chinese (traditional / simplified), English, Japanese, Spanish, etc.

One group is door sensor input,one is exit button input

One group is bell output, one is alarm output(anti-dismantle)

Alarm mode: tamper alarm, duress alarm function, the door was not closed alarm

Wiegand Input / output WG26/ WG34

Power supply: 12V DC, Standby current: 50 mA, Operating current: 500 mA

Instructions: bi-color LED (red / green)

Doorbell output: Can be connected one wired doorbell

Combination mode: Fingerprint + Card, Password + Card, Fingerprint + Password + Card

Product Dimension: 196*118mm

Net Weight: 0.6kg

Gross Weight: 0.82kg

Package: 10pcs/ctn

Carton Dimension: 505*297*490mm