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Kind of access, advantages and disadvantages

Time:2016-08-07 Author:Carea Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd

Access control, access management control system, also known as channel management system is a management personnel access to digital intelligent management system. In fact, the original concept of the access control system is already in our lives. example Such as: every house we installed doors and locks, people with the keys to your own home, the family returned, without shouting door, directly with a key to open the door to enter. Outside people visit the house heard knocking The sound of the door, know someone visits, and asked: "? Who is" outside man replied: "I am so and so!" The people inside through past experience and sound judgment should or should not open the door. This is an original Access control concept. Ancient Great Wall is China's largest original access control system. With the social intelligence of electronic depth, and now we see medium access control system according to the input devices and methods can be divided into: password access control systems, card access control system, raw Was recognition access control system Password access control system: by entering a password, the system determines the correct password to drive electric lock, opened the door release. Pros: Just remember your password, without the need to carry other media. The lowest cost. Disadvantages: Speed Of slow, generally require several seconds to enter the password, if too many people out, need to queue. If you make a mistake, the need to re-enter, take longer. Poor security, the person next to easy Through gestures remember someone else's password, the password is easy to forget or disclosure. Trend: occasions password access to use less and less, and only the security requirements, low cost, infrequent field Combination is still in use. For example: safe. Card access control systems: Depending on the type of card is divided into the contact card access control systems (magnetic stripe cards barcode card) and a non-contact card (also known as proximity cards RF card) Door Ban system. Proximity card access control systems due to the contact card but easy to wear, not much frequency of use, the card is easy to damage, etc., the range of use has become less and less, and bank card only (magnetic Strip card) relating to the case to be used, for example: local industry-Banking VIP channel access control systems, unmanned teller machine access control systems still in use. Non-contact IC card, due to its durability Good price fast read speed and high security is the mainstream of the current access control system. Therefore, the current lot of people put a non-contact IC card access control system is referred to as the access control system.
Biometric access control systems: Depending on the biometric identification and identity of the access control system. Common are: fingerprint access control system (fingerprint texture characteristics of each person there are differences), the palm Instrument access control systems (skeletal shape of each person's palm there are differences) iris access control systems (each person's retina there are differences by optical scanning) face recognition access control system (for everyone Facial features and different positions) and the like. Advantages of biometric access control system are: the need to carry cards and other media, and less chance of repeating, is not easily replicated, safe. The disadvantages are: high cost.
Since the need for biometric features than many parameters, slower than the speed, it is not conducive to an excessive number of personnel of the occasion. Biometric body will change with time and environment change, it is easy Generating rejection rate (obviously this man, but his biological characteristics have changed, but I do not think), for example: fingerprint due to different seasons and different humidity, the palm and the portrait because of age Growth and change, because the iris eye illness changes. So, although advanced biometric access control systems and security, but the limited range of applications, only few in number, high security requirements, Do not worry about the high cost and the few areas of mainstream applications, not the current access control system.

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