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Time:2016-08-07 Author:Carea Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd

1, access control systems in which products?
Access control system consists of two parts:
   (1), biometric identification: special mark was itself owned as identification markers, such as palm prints, fingerprints, face, etc.
   (2) Identification mark: the external object as a distinctive sign to identify signs, such as passwords, card, IC card, etc.
2, and what is included in the access control system? It can be divided into three parts about
   (1), the control panel: After responsible for receiving signals and distinguish signals switching door or transmitter action
   (2), lock: lock the door, unless the power transmission or otherwise, under normal circumstances should not be automatic door operation
   (3) Other Accessories: Out switch, power supply and so on ... ..
3. What is "closed off" (power transmission door) (Fail-Secure)?
Under normal circumstances behind closed doors, lock not energized, while showing "lock" status via external control system (example: credit card machines, card readers) when the lock is energized, the internal machine experience from the operation is completed "open" state, such as cathode locks.
4. What is a "fail-safe" (power transmission closed) (Fail -Safe)?
Under normal circumstances behind closed doors, lock continuous power, while showing "lock" status via external control system (example: credit card machines, card readers) when the locks off, the internal machine experience from the operation is completed "open" state, such as magnetic locks.
5, a fail-safe in case of power failure is not on the door wide open?
Can be used with UPS uninterruptible power systems, such as the company's RF-7000XX series, even with variable voltage regulator functions, plus the battery, it can become a UPS system to prevent access cavity formed by power outages. 6. "Fail Safe" good? Or "fail-secure" good?
Basically, this is a point of view different question: "Fail Safe": for fire regulations, because most fires are electrical fire, the heat of the fire scene can make mechanical locks and latches not open the door to escape and melt, many people in the door can not be opened due to the fire escape and was buried born flames, power door has the advantage that, once the electrical fire caused a power outage, the channel will operate smoke doors, block the spread of smoke outside, people can easily open the door to escape. "Closed off": apply to treasury, property insurance and some other higher access control situations, then we can use the electronic and mechanical locks cathode lock lock together with the use of the heart, in the event of personnel in danger, or a spin twist or key to open the door.
7, after why installing two-way door lock, the door has been unable to properly shut?
After the installation of door lock door lock switch can not be normal, this is a problem that most people encounter, however, most of the problems are not the real reason for the lock (and perhaps a small portion of installed artificial negligence), Imagine, is only responsible for a switch how to make the back door was correctly positioned? Of course not! Therefore, most of the problems are derived from quality --- door to the spring. Simply put, it is assumed a gate weighing 120 pounds, and how many pounds of the spring loaded? Perhaps you will say, 120 lbs or more pounds, but some manufacturers do not pay attention to the problem of pounds 120 pounds door may install a 80 lbs, or even lower poundage door problem, will be followed come, at first use, no problem, prolonged use, the door can not homing, the door will slow return speed, door sagging serious problems are gradually emerging in the future. As a result, when you install the shear locks, lock the anode, the problem surfaced, so, when you want to install two-way lock, first look at the heart of a labor positioning of the door, another door to spring it.
8, if you do not want to spend money to change the spring, what alternative ways? (1) to adjust the spring: that is hard, but if not professional, or ask someone right
  (2) Fixed door directions: one-way to open the door, pulled inward or outward opened the door, the problem will be less, but still        There are objective factors that the installation, for example: frame size, frame spacing is too ......... and so on.
9, if I want to install electric locks, which have pay attention to what things?
   Direction: Unidirectional (inward-outward??), Two-way translation?
   Material: metal (aluminum, stainless steel), wood, glass doors (with or without frames, doors have frameless?)
   Spacing: Spacing door to door frames, door switch when the door is get stuck to the door frame?
   Size: The size of the door?
   Quantity: single-leaf or double-leaf?
   Uses: fire doors? Warehouse door? Access doors?
   Special: Are there any special requirements? Gate signal output? Time delay ... .. and so on?
10. What is residual magnetism?
Simply put, after the lock is still residual magnetic power, causing the lock still can not open the door adsorption, this is a very dangerous thing, once the distress event occurs (for example: fire ... ..) but it caused smoke doors can not be closed also unable to open the door or escape !!! ... a simple residual magnetism flawed, resulting in loss of life and property, which is very dangerous issue.

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