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Access Control anti-passback function

Time:2016-08-07 Author:Carea Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd

Anti-passback is an anti-trailing features of access control system. Some specific access control situation, who requested the Executive card from a credit card door card must come out of a door, a swipe card records must enter a strict correspondence.
Features: If someone follows the others into the door, he did not swipe card. Next time, he would not be out of swiping card, the card is valid even if his card.
Similarly, if you follow someone out, they do not swipe card, the next time will not come up.
If a personal swipe card to enter the door, the window and handed the card from the people outside, the outside people who can not brush this card to enter the door.
If a person is not after the door card, do not give him into the next.
This feature is typically used for military, national defense and scientific research, strict management applications.
Above said is the most common internal and external anti-passback door. Our two-door and four-door controller can also do the same controller two doors each other anti-passback. Namely: Executive card maker from A door to enter, you must come out from the B door. This function is mainly used for channel management and ticket management.

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