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Automatic Door Closer

Model No.: CR-3518


It adopts 55-watt high-speed brushless motor, which has long life and small noise;

Adopting imported control chip, the debugging is simple and can be finely adjusted;

Matching our company's dedicated system, the master-slave door can be opened, no matter how it is blocked, it will not change;

Motor double gearbox design, high speed ratio to achieve high power;

If there is a strong wind outside, the door can still be opened normally.

Power: AC220V/110V

Working temperature: -20℃- +55℃

Protection level: IP12D

Lock function: remote lock / automatic lock

With remote control function

Door weight: <100kg(80kg is the best)

Door width: <1200mm(1000mm is the best)

Max open angle: 60°-120°

Open speed: 3-7s

Close speed: 3-7s

Open hold time: 0-20s adjustable

Dimension: 600*85*110mm

Warranty: 24 months

Weight: 10KG