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Fingerprint Lock for Glass Door

Model No.: CR-3621

Fingerprint Lock for Glass Door


1.Unlock modes:fingerprint, password,Mifare1 card,Identity card

2.Door bell function, 2 sets remote control

3.Voice broadcast, full navigation operation

4.Adopt American INTEL technology,global advanced fingerprint count, easy to recognize

5.Hidden type 3-14 digital touch anti-peep password design

6.European style, adopt Korea surface processing craft

7.Adopt imported motor,wear-resistant and durable

8.Need not dig hole, no wiring, install on any position of glass door

9.Double open door should be fixed one side, single open door need another lock box panel

10.Anti-dismantle alarm


Material: zinc alloy

Processing craft:electroplating+buffing+spray-oil

Color: fashion silver

Working voltage: 4V-6V(four AA alkaline battery)

Battery life: unlock more than 8,000 times

Quiescent power consumption:<30uA, Dynamic power consumption:≤200mA

Emergency power supply: with emergency power supply interface, voltage range:6V-9V

Capacity of IC card+password: 1,000

Working temperature: -20℃~55℃

Working humidity: 10%-80%

Weight: 2.65kg

Dimension of outdoor lock:L195*W80*H29 mm

Dimension of indoor lock: L195*W80*H46 mm

Thickness of glass door required: 12mm