Network Access Controller

Attitude determines success or failure

16 Floors Elevator Controller

Model No.: CR-5816


Operating Mode: elevator controller, lockers access management

Recognition Type:Em4100, Mifare1, fingerprint, card, password

Identification Information: card, card with password, password, dual card identification, management card+user card to open

Operating Temperature: -25℃- 75℃

Working Humidity: 10-90%

Operating Voltage: DC10.8-14V      ->Standard DC12V

Working Current: 500mA              ->Exclude card reader

Drive Current: <Each group 7A        ->Following the dry battery contact(NO,NC software adjustable)

Punch Period: Support              ->64 hours

Validity Period: Support             ->one day-100 years arbitrarily set

Offline Operation: Support

Extended Board:32-layer control group implementation capacity

Card Capacity: 26K groups

Data Capacity: 100K

Networking: RS485 and TCP/IP,     ->TCP/IP is optional

Networking Equipment: 127pcs

Communication Distance: RS485 networking is 1200m

Transmission Frequency: 19200 baud  ->19200 8,1,n

Data Retention: 10 years              ->off state stored for 10 years

Transfer Methods: Real-time, non-real-time

Device Color: Green