Network Access Controller

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WiFi Access Control

WiFi Access Control

Model No.: CR-3571


The device is suitable for various entrance and exit access control systems and building intercom systems, and no need to change the original system can realize the function of opening the door with the mobile phone, and it is convenient for the users to use in enter and exit.

The device is DC12V power supply and output switching signal, can be connected to the input of switching signal of the controlled system, thereby realizing the purpose of using APP to open the door lock/turnstile/gate. The output signal of the device is self-reset switching signal, which can be directly used in the access control system. Please contact us to adjust the circuit if need to control electric lights.

The device has a built-in wireless module, which needs to be connected to nearby WiFi for normal use. The strength of the WiFi signal and the stability of the network connection have an important impact on the user experience. In the process of use, the closer of WiFi signal transmitter, the effect is better.

The device should be avoided installing in metal objects, because the metal will interfere and block the WiFi signal. The device cannot be connected to WiFi in a completely enclosed metal space.


Working voltage: DC12

Working current: ≤100mA

Standby current:  ≤80mA

Working mode: APP

Networking mode:  WiFi

Environment humidity:  10%~90%RH

Working temperature:  -35℃~65℃

Dimension: 83*83*27mm