Network Access Controller

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Four-door Access Control Board with Cover

Model No.: CR-3246H

Products name: TCP/IP Four-door Access Control Board with Cover

Quantity of readers: 8

Door lock relay: 4

Door controlled: 4

Working voltage: DC 12V

Power consumption of circuit board: ≦300mA

Operating temperature: -25℃ to 70℃

Operating humidity: 10%–90%RH, no-condensation

Communication protocol: TCP/IP

Communication rate: TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive

Max communication distance: depends on internet coverage area

Max quantity of controllers: unlimited

Data storage: 122,000 cards, 300,000 records

Power-off protection: data can be saved for 10 years after power-off

Interface protocol: Wiegand26/34 bit(can be set by software, the default is 26 bit)

Distance between reader and controller: Less than 100m

Door lock control: Every group relay using NC/COM/NO to control output, the max control voltage is 250V, the max control current is 6A

Dimension: 216*131mm

Weight: 0.61kg


Special functions:


1.32 bit ARM processor, support for 5 channels simultaneous communication(support 5 operators simultaneously operate)

2.automatically search and install controller

3.bistable state, swipe card the door normally open, swipe again the door normally close

      4.remote open door,full card to open door,read card inside and outside to open door

      5.running stable monitoring(voltage input,watch dog,operating days)

      6.anti-theft host function,fire protection alarm

      7.limit the number of people inside door and region,limit card uses times

      8.time zone management, access authentication methods setting

9.repeat read card interval setting function

      10.anti-pass back, interlock function card inside and outside to open door capture/recording

13.With powerful expansibility that convenient to integrate with other devices