Network Access Controller

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Network Access Controller

Model No.: CA-3211TW

TCP/IP Network Access Controller with Power Supply

1.TCP/IP communication mode

2.Storage: 2.6W cards,10W records door two ways(can read card inside and outside)

4.Including power supply


   ①automatically search for and install controller

   ②remote open door,full card to open door

   ③running stable monitoring(voltage input,watch dog,operating days)

   ④time frame management

   ⑤limit the number of people inside door and region

   ⑥fire protection alarm

   ⑦access authentication methods setting

   ⑧anti-passback, interlock function

   ⑨read card inside and outside to open door

   ⑩video capture

Weight: 2kg

Dimension: 240*200*61mm