Access Control Power Supply

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Double Channels Power Supply

Double Channels Power Supply



1. Double channel independently output, combination of the linear power supply and switch power supply, the power supply for access control panel and lock is separate.

2. Intelligent chip control master slave function, prevent the door is locking when the linear power supply without output.

3. Double channel output, one channel(1.5A) is for access control panel(can connect 8 readers), one channel(3.5A) is for lock(can connect 8 single magnetic locks). Basically solve the problem of  power supply for multi-door controller, no need additional power supply and avoid adding the inconvenient wire connection and cost.

4. High power and low ripple not only solve the problem of high power consumption ratio of traditional linear power supply, but also solve the problem of access control panel failure caused by large ripple of switch power supply.

5. Can extend the charge and discharge function.

6. Power supply special for access control board, rust-proof metal case, heat ventilation design.

7. Standard pipeline and hang hole design, safety insulation design of alternative current.

8. Original components, pure copper transformer, high quality.



AC Input: AC220V, 50Hz

Double channel DC Output: DC12V/1.5A+12V/3.5A

Working Temperature: -20℃~60C℃

Working Humidity: ≤90%RH

Dimension: 330*240*70mm

Net weight: 3.515KG