Access Control Power Supply

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Network Access Control Power Supply

Model No.: CR-3396S Power Supply for Access Control Board


Network access control power supply

Private mold enclosure

Rust-proof metal case, heat ventilation design

Standard pipeline and hang hole design

High-power design

Anti-interference and ripple free

Short circuit proof design

Safety insulation design of alternative current

Original components, pure copper transformer, high quality

Have CE and RoHS certificates

Setting automatic protection function, built-in fuse.

With charge and discharge circuit,have battery space which can built-in 12V7AH battery, can continue to work after power failure.


AC Input: AC220V, 50Hz

DC Output: DC13.5V

Double +12V and double GND

Instantaneous current:5A

Persistent current: 3.5A

Working Temperature: -20℃~60C℃

Working Humidity: ≤90%RH

Dimension: 342mm*260mm*70mm


Bank, jail,building, office, factory