Access Control Power Supply

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5A Access Control Switch Power Supply

5A Access Control Power Supply

Model No.: CR-3392T


1. Setting NC/NO output, can control different electric locks.

2. Can connect 1 fingerprint device and 2 single magnetic locks.

3. PUSH can connect switch signal, set push button input, can directly open lock.

4. Professionally design and produce to make sure the power supply stability, protection for overvoltage, overload, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature.

5. Built-in electric circuit to protect electric lock inductor reverse current,reduce the load of access controller.

6. Built-in filter, low ripple, high efficiency, low noise.

7. Built-in unlock time adjustable knob, the adjustable range is 0-15s.

8. Aluminium alloy case, free to laser print logo.

9. Small size, light weight, low transportation cost.

10. Wide voltage, it is more widely used.


Product Parameters:

Voltage input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Momentary current:5A, Persistent current: 2A(enough ampere)

Working temperature: -20℃~60C℃

Working humidity: ≤90%RH

Dimension: 85mm*72mm*27mm

Net weight: 0.14kg