Access Control Power Supply

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Power Supply with Lithium Battery

Model No.: CR-3391L(built-in lithium battery)


Setting NC/NO output, can control different electric locks.

Built-in electric circuit to protect electric lock inductor reverse current,reduce the load of access controller.

Built-in unlock time adjustable knob, the adjustable range is 0-10s.

PUSH can connect switch signal, CONTROL can connect ±5V~±12V electrical signal.

With charge and discharge circuit, automatically protection function, have battery space which built-in 12V7AH lithium battery, when blackout can continue to work.

Product Parameters:

Voltage input: AC220V, 50Hz

Voltage output: 13.5VDC

Momentary current:5A, Persistent current: 2A

Working temperature: -20℃~60C

Working humidity: ≤90%RH

Dimension: 200mm*152mm*72mm