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Elevator/Lift Controller Elevator/Lift Controller Elevator/Lift Controller

Elevator/Lift Controller

16 Floors Elevator/Lift Controller


Model No.: CR-5816

Product Name: Elevator/Lift Controller


Smart card elevator controller also known as smart card elevator access control system. It is used to lift hierarchical control, personnel up and down the elevator access control system products. It can be used to meet building service management company or management personnel access lift more efficient and safer management needs. The system set up by the addition of all the cardholder to enter the floor, carried out all floors access control. CR-5816 status for different people with different floor privileges, you can specify a person who only can go to certain floors, certain floor or all floors, each floor through permissions management, there are some who can reach the floor, who can not reach some floors, and the controller may be authorized in accordance with time management. Without the express elevator controller authorized offline operation, an independent group of people can store 26,000 data records with 100,000 readers, so that all staffs have access to data recorded floor to be found.

And the elevator Max to 16 floors, but can be extended with an expansion board, ultimately can manage a maximum of 32 floors, supports RS485 and TCP/IP communication methods. Providing two standard card reader interface, supporting WG26,WG34,WG44 reader or fingerprint device. All input/output of elevator controller energized dynamic protection and all relay outputs with transient over-voltage protection, supports fire input linkage.


Technical Parameters:

Operating Mode: elevator controller, lockers access management

Recognition Type:Em4100, Mifare1, fingerprint, card, password

Identification Information: card, card with password, password, dual card identification, management card+user card to open

Operating Temperature: -25℃- 75℃

Working Humidity: 10-90%

Operating Voltage: DC10.8-14V     ->Standard DC12V

Working Current: 500mA           ->Exclude card reader

Drive Current: <Each group 7A      ->Following the dry battery contact(NO,NC software adjustable)

Punch Period: Support              ->64 hours

Validity Period: Support             ->one day-100 years arbitrarily set

Offline Operation: Support

Extended Board:32-layer control group implementation capacity

Card Capacity: 26K groups

Data Capacity: 100K

Networking: RS485 and TCP/IP,     ->TCP/IP is optional

Networking Equipment: 127pcs

Communication Distance: RS485 networking is 1200m

Transmission Frequency: 19200 baud  ->19200 8,1,n

Data Retention: 10 years              ->off state stored for 10 years

Transfer Methods: Real-time, non-real-time

Device Color: Green

Housing Material: Control box with iron spray material

Box Size: 371mm*259mm*78mm

Board Size: 220mm*135mm*22mm

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